YouTube Stars! - The Videos

A selection of hip hop music videos to raise awareness about healthy lifestyles, smoking, chronic disease and cultural identity, and how these issues have impacted on our Indigenous communities in Australia. Our younger generation, who are not afraid to speak up about the issues that their communities face, explore these subjects through hip hop and dance.

Make Your Hands Clap! - Mara N'gutja'ma! by The Wilcannia Girls feat. Murray Butcher
Where We Belong by Tyrone Kennedy and Jamin Jones, feat. Murray Butcher
Flash Mob Superheroes by The Broken Hill Crew feat. Murray Butcher
A Happy Home, A Healthy Heart. by Menindee Central School years 5 - 6

See our YouTube channel for more information: or click on the link below to see the YouTube stars workshop galleries:

YouTube Stars Workshop Galleries.

We'd like to extend our thanks to everyone involved in the making of these videos. We are in awe of the amazing talent displayed by our young YouTube stars!

Music video Production by Morganics feat. Wire MC:

Many thanks to Murray Butcher and Wings Drop in Centre (Wilcannia), Menindee Central School, Kaylene Kemp of Maari Ma Health (for making it happen), and Jeevika Rajagopal for making the awesome video clips.

Our Mob. Our Health. Our Tucker. : 2013 Recipe Book

We are pleased to present our 2013 cookbook! The book contains many nutritious and healthy recipes developed our dieticians to be family-friendly, and have been cooked and tested by those who attend the Maari Ma Playgroup Cooking Group. Congratulations to our dietitians at Maari Ma on their delicious recipes, and encouraging words, hints and tips aimed at making us all healthier. Let’s get cooking!

You can download our cookbook FREE here:

Our Mob. Our Health. Our Tucker. 2013 Recipe Book.