Attending your appointment via a Video Call

Where appropriate, you can have your consultation online via a video call from your own smart device (Phone, Tablet or Computer).

Video calling is as convenient as a phone call, with the added value of face-to-face communication.

You require a booked appointment prior to using this service
Call us on 08 8082 9777 to book an appointment
If you already have a booked appointment, please use the link below to enter the Maari Ma Telehealth waiting room.

When prompted please enter your full name and agree to the terms.

Maari Ma "Start Video Call"

How to begin a video call consultation


Go to the entry point on the service's website and click the Start Video Call button 


Enter your name and phone number when prompted


Enter the clinic's online waiting area


Clinician arrives and the consultation proceeds

If you are having problems please contact Maari Ma Primary Health on 08 8082 9777